Summary for Dr Anna Farthing of ideas for art in a hospital context. Please see About for artist's statement etc.

Live drawing

I'm very happy drawing live, on any scale - was thinking a hospital could provide all sorts of interesting subject matter...

  • repose/mortality (of consenting patients whether asleep, anesthetized, sick, or in death); or of staff in between shifts.

  • Maternity (pre, and infants).

  • Anatomy (and/or medical staff in relation to this)
  • Collections of objects/tools
  • Portraits of individual staff 'in role' - porter, receptionist, doctor, paramedic etc

Printmaking - linocuts - can be cut and printed by hand in situ. Here is an example, and a photo of my setup to hand print 1m x 1m camel linocuts. Basically need a big table (or floorspace), a washing line, and a spare pair of hands... it's quite fun to watch. Cutting the block is a long slow process that I'm very happy to do in public. Not attached to any particular subject, I just love doing it!

Soft toy portraits (Soggy Rabbit website) - this is really something that could be done live/at bedsides/around children. Each one takes about an hour. I would be very happy to do it in a limited not-for-profit context, but have never approached the Childrens' Hospital, as I've not worked out how to do it in a mindfully ringfenced way (trying as I am to run it as a business!).



Please also see my instagram/facebook feed for lots of other possibilities...

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