FAO José Rochas - Market 24 project

- initial ideas for feedback, as input to proposal from Gail Reid 056 4942444. Nb You can click on images to enlarge.

Entrance, and chalkboards generally:

I suggest a large chalkboard near the entrance, to describe the offering (homemade, grab-and-go, 24 hours, etc), and reinforce the brand. This could be vertical or horizontal format, either in the area shown in the photograph below, or where the fridges are currently.

Chalkboards can be written with semi-permanent ink, that can survive gentle washing, allowing staff to include notices of specials, topical greetings etc, in the space provided. It is worth investing in one really good quality large board for this purpose. Smaller chalk-boards of a lower quality can be decorated as needed, with text and/or pictures, and scattered around. Existing chalkboards could be updated and reused.

Little recess opposite check-in desks, at entrance to Market 24 

Little recess opposite check-in desks, at entrance to Market 24 

rough example


Example of smaller chalkboard (could include text and branding)

Drawing style, presentation, and canvas option for pictures

Please see below three sample drawings (you may recognise the models), showing style options: Ink pen and wash (left), Charcoal (middle), pencil (right - sorry, not really a food item!). I suggest clicking on the pictures to get a closer look at the difference in the finish. Although they appear tinted in these photographs, these options can all be on white, off-white, grey, or beige paper. Splashes of colour could be added if wanted. Where the paper is grey/beige, white highlights can be added if wanted. 

Ink pen and wash



Format (size, framing, etc)

Any paper-based work should be framed with a glass/acrylic front. Unless you have an alternative supplier, my regular framer has access to maximum 3m wide sheets of acrylic, or 1.8m glass. For large work, acrylic is more practical as it is much lighter, but it is slightly more prone to scratching.

Alternatively, drawings could be scanned and professionally printed onto canvas. This gives a different look: stretched onto a hidden wooden box-frame they can be hung with/without visible frame... but then you are showing a reproduction, not the original artwork. This would be evident only on close inspection.

Subject matter

One option is showing staff in action, this could be a series for the main vertical pillars. This would demonstrate the skills of the Hyatt Regency catering staff, reinforcing the quality of the product. I have already taken reference photographs, and could portray the Manager, Commis Chef, Pastry Chef, Pizza Chef, and Barista. Machinery (coffee machine, meat cutter etc), crockery and F&B also make great subjects. These inanimate objects might be more suitable if there was considered to be an ideological difficulty with depiction of the human form (please confirm).

Either way, there would be plenty opportunity to include subtle branding, and a reference to the hotel in the title.

Ideas for 5m wide wall opposite pastry display, and adjacent chalkboard area

N.b. approx 5m x 1m area for landscape format picture (s); Area immediately to the right of this could have portrait (1m x 2m) picture

N.b. approx 5m x 1m area for landscape format picture (s); Area immediately to the right of this could have portrait (1m x 2m) picture

I have made proposals (below) for this area. I suggest the style is chosen from one of the three above (charcoal, pen and ink, or pencil). Constraints mentioned already about framing mean that it is not feasible (unless you have a supplier with ability to frame such a drawing) to have this as a single drawing, Both of the image suggestions for the 5m stretch could be very effective as a set of 2, 3, or 5 individual pictures (the middle one would cover the switch). These would then be versatile moveable pieces for display elsewhere. Alternatively, the whole image could be printed onto a 5m long stretch of canvas. The canvas could be stretched onto a wooden box frame, then either hung as it is (without a visible frame), or framed. The disadvantage of using printed canvas is that you are not then displaying original artwork.

I propose to put a related drawing on the area to the right (currently chalkboard), leading the viewer through into the seating area beyond. 


Two image options for wide horizontal area: 

  1. Market scene (top), labelled 'Al Awir Central Fruit and Veg Market' (could alternatively do 'Um Suqeim Fishing Harbour Market')
  2. Pizza making process (bottom, with credit to Sandeep for the idea!)

Two options for the area to the right of the wide picture (currently chalkboard)

Fruit (or fish if we went with the fish market). A nod to classical European still life! Branding could be included discretely by way of crockery, cloth label, or title 

Chef presenting finished pizza on paddle (branding on pocket and title)

Please enter feedback here:

Do you want me to quote for framing?
Do you want me to quote for transport of work to the hotel, or can you collect?
Do you want me to quote for hanging?

José, thank you for your invitation. On receipt of your feedback I will develop the relevant ideas, and present my proposal.

By commissioning artwork for the Hyatt Regency, you could position the hotel as a sponsor of original, locally produced art, consistent with the wonderfully bohemian Creekside setting. Market 24 is a great venue to host an informal 'opening night' (with Pizza?). I would be delighted to invite lots of friends to blow away the cobwebs after the festive season! We could have a reciprocal social media campaign, popularizing this project. For Sufra, I could in future supply chalkboards (as you mentioned), and pictures with a more local feel, to compliment the Arabic vibe. 

You can extrapolate indicative prices from the rest of my website, but I feel (with your agreement) it would be helpful to have a broad conversation about budget at this point. I am thinking that you will most probably be looking after transport/hanging of pictures and related insurance. 

Best wishes

Gail 056 4942444