Soft Toy Portrait from life

This service is only available during my Artist In Residence events.

These charming portraits come in a choice of sizes, and are done with a traditional ink dipping pen and coloured pencils. They are usually ordered online via my Soggy Rabbit website (clients send reference photos and I post the drawing back) - but it is much more fun to involve the toys’ owners in arranging their precious cuddly toys and deciding the title. You are welcome to watch me draw, or just come back later to collect the finished picture.

This beautiful video was sent by a happy customer... I just love the reaction when her daughter opens her gift!

What to expect

We will start by arranging your toys, and you can decide a title. I will then ask you to order online in the size you require, using an event discount code. You can watch me draw, or come back later to collect.

I keep a stock of frames, so can frame portraits in the evening ready for collection and hanging the next day.

An A4 soft toy portrait of one toy is a special October event price of £50. Extra toys on the same picture are £20 each. Framing, including assembly with professionally cut acid free white mount card and taped back, ready to hang, is £35.