Artist In Residence

Looking for a break from the routine? How about adopting an artist for the weekend?! I offer a variety of services, using an appointment calendar for the event. I stay locally, and can frame pictures for collection the following day.

If you are interested in hosting, please share this page with friends and family to gauge interest. As long as there are enough bookings to cover my expenses I'm happy - for details on hosting an event, just email me.

The services offered can be tailored to your requirements, click on the pictures for more details:

Privacy, Terms & Conditions

I connect with a wide community of artists and followers on social media, sharing progress shots, finished portraits and reference photos. If you don’t want your image shared, or want to be tagged, named, or not, I will of course respect that, please just let me know at the start. If you wish to share images of my work please credit my online profile (facebook, instagram, and website). See Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions for full details.