A little piece of me goes into every commission, so I love to hear what people think when they open their parcel. Here is a small selection of generous comments…


From Kate

This is so good! That is definitely “our Fluffy"! … I love it! The blanket gives a bit more context to the picture without overwhelming it. Thank you so much xx


From Carol & Mike

“Dear Gail, thank you so much, they are both just perfect. A gift we will treasure for ever”


From Justine

“Hi Gail, thank you again so so much for your amazing work. Rosie and Harry both absolutely loved the painting!! So I was sooooo pleased that they loved it just as much as I did”


From Jon

“So special! You have captured Tiger so well, so real with all the character too, absolutely brilliant painting, and in oils too, the texture adds substance and life. Its outstanding, I love it. Thank you so much”