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Please see studio sale and greens for a clear list of prices on available work, which can be shipped free to any UK address, and worldwide at cost price.

Commission prices

One advantage of buying direct from the artist is that the price is much lower than would be necessary via a third party.


For portrait and other commissions, during the initial discussion I am able to give you a clear idea of costs for different options, without obligation. Please email me if you would like to make an enquiry, I will be delighted to help.

I place great value on the artist-collector relationship. My priority is for you to be delighted with your commission, so as well as doing a work of art that surpasses your expectations, and involving you personally in that process, I price my work fairly. It is absolutely possible to find cheaper commissionable artists should you wish.

All work is on artist quality, acid free paper or canvas, completely original, signed and dated by me.


Indicative prices:

A4 size commission, with a single subject, from a single reference photo:

  • Pencil (graphite or colour) - £150

  • Watercolour - £250

  • Oil - £300

  • Linocut (a single block printed on A4 paper in one colour, edition of 5 copies) - £400

  • Pen and ink (monochrome) - £150

Additional factors

  • Size

  • Multiple subjects (faces)

  • Multiple reference photos, or very poor photos requiring extensive research to ‘flesh out’ details

  • Size

  • Additional colour plates (for linocuts)

  • Framing